1983 Honda C 50 LAC

Part 3

    I've now started on tidying some of the painted cycle parts over this not particularly good Easter Weekend.  I had already paint-stripped and cleaned the silver parts, such as brake plates, engine side covers and hubs. 




So it was now time to de-grease them before applying a thin coat of UPOL etch primer.




Once the etch primer had dried, the next job was to rub them all over with grey 'Scotch-brite', just to give the top coat a bit of a key.

The brake plates after two coats of silver 'Smoothrite' spray.  This is very close to the original finish on Honda engine cases - not too glossy and very durable. 

The main crank-cases were originally left 'as cast', but as they are not seen at all, I think I will treat them as I have the outer covers, and paint them with smooth 'Hammerite'.  The reason for this decision is that they will be easier to keep clean in the future.

    All of the zinc parts were cleaned and buffed with a rotary wire brush in the drill, before being taken to my friendly local zinc platers.  To buy all of the above parts, even if they were still available, would cost a fortune.  The results above come for a tiny fraction of the cost and at least I am using original parts.



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