1983 Honda C 50 LAC

Part 5


   Reassembly is now nearing completion and the results are quite encouraging

As I mentioned in the previous parts, I took the apparently crazy decision to have the original wheel rims re-chromed and re-plate the spokes.  This also meant having to re-paint the hubs and then rebuild the hubs into the rims.  Although this is a costly option, when compared with buying a new wheel from Honda, there are some times when I get fed up of throwing stuff away.  One day this will probably the only option open to us, when restoring a vehicle.



    This shot shows the difference between spokes - although both are the same length, the top one is for fitting to the inside of the flange (with the head on the outside)  The lower one is to be fitted on the outside of the flange with the head on the inside.

    This is the only easy way to assemble a spoked wheel - lace all of the spokes the correct way in the flanges and then feed each one into the rim and secure loosely with a nipple.  If you did a sketch and measured the offset before you stripped the wheel, this will now be quite a simple task!  Digital cameras make recording important details like this much more easy than years ago.


This is the completed front wheel, ready for trueing


Hub painted and everything re-plated, finished and fitted


The side panels still need fettling and a few scuffs buffing out of the leg-shield.


It now has a fresh MOT and tax, so, almost ready for the big test - Germany and back with Brian Barrow on his newly restored C90!  It rides just like a new one and should give many hours of simple pleasure.  I have a new windscreen to fit to it, plus a top-box - no, not for Pizzas!


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