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The Fife Foray 2022 - a short trip down to Fife on the C125 Super Cubs - added 5th April 2022

1995 BMW R100RT Classic - yet another addition to the stable - added 2nd April 2022

1989 XJ-S V12 Convertible - a time warp Jaguar!  added 28th August 2021

Zinc Plating - re-posted April 6th 2021

Making a 5 String Kantele - another little woodwork project - updated 12th January 2021

Refurbishing the Ducati Elite Wheels - added January 10th 2021

Honda CBF 600 SA8 now fully dressed - added 25th December 2020

Making a few parts for the Ducati - added 24th December 2020

Ducati Elite - build up at last! added 18th November 2020

Royal Enfield Interceptor Mk2 - added October 11th 2020

Ducati Elite Rear dampers - added October 4th 2020

Honda Super Cub 125 - what! another new bike?  - added 21st March 2020

BSA Bantam Major - A bike I obtained in the 70's but only found the pics in 2019! - added Jan 1st 2020

Mazda MX-5 - a more useable replacement for the MG RV8? added 16th October 2019

Completion of the 'Scottish' 400/4 - added 7th October 2019

50th John O'Groats Rally  in the MG RV8 - added 21st June 2019

Caithness and Sutherland Trip on our Honda C90's - added 23rd May 2019

Triumph Twenty One engine and wheel rebuild - updated 2nd February 2019

Black forest trip with the Daimler - added 3rd October 2018

Honda 90 Part 2 - added 15th March 2018

The tale of a timepiece - a clock building saga by my great friend Brian Barrow - added 24th February 2018

The Harley Davidson WLA wheel saga - added Feb 18th 2018

Returning the 400/4 to standard - added Feb 18th 2018

Honda 90 - bought to do a trip to Germany in 2018 - Updated 24th February 2018

52mm Throttle Body for sale - added 7th March 2017

Some other Vehicles we have owned over the years - added 3rd January 2017

Some more rustproofing on the Super V8 - added 3rd January 2017

Cam Chain Tensioner repair on Honda 350 and 400 fours - added 1st January 2017

A18 SOV reg number for sale

A strange Coincidence with my old GL1500 GoldWing

Orkney Men's Shed  - links to another site for this exciting new venture - added 19th Feb 2016

Hfner Guitar for Sale added 19 Oct 2015  You are too late, it's already found a happy new owner!

Jaguar XJ-S Starfish Wheels for sale added 28th August 2015

Mini Parts for sale for Classic Mini  added 26th June 2015

Adding wheel arch liners to the Clubman Estate added 28th January 2015

Some TLC for the Daimler - added 20th December 2014

Black Beauty returns - my old 400 four is back in the fold - updated 20th December 2014

Daimler Super V8 - a slight indulgence - added 4th July 2014



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