Höfner Committee DeLuxe Guitar for sale





    This splendid instrument has been owned by my life long friend David Durham for over fifty years.  He bought it slightly second hand in 1962 to replace his Höfner President.  Until recently it was thought that fewer than 30 of these rare models were made, starting at number 100 and ending at about 127 but on investigation this one is actually numbered 130, so unless anyone has, or knows definitely of a higher number, then this is the very last Committee DeLuxe to have been made prior to the Golden Höfner model being introduced.  As the fore-runner of the 'Golden', all fittings are gold plated, lyre tailpiece, boxed machine heads and other minor parts.  The machine heads themselves are unworn and do not slip.  The Frondose head is in fantastic condition.  This particular example is dated (pencilled on a label on the underside of the soundboard) 25 Feb 1959.  The 11 piece laminated neck is as straight as the day it was made and the frets are virtually unworn.
As you can see from the pictures the beautifully figured maple back is superb and there are no marks, chips or cracks on any of the extensive purfling and all of the mother of pearl fingerboard inlays are intact.






The strings have now been re-fitted, together with the Höfner pick guard and its engraved bracket.
This is indeed a very rare guitar, more so than even the highly prized Golden model, of which over a hundred were made, still in exceptional condition and would suit the serious aficionado or collector of rare instruments from probably the most coveted maker of fine guitars.
If you would like to be the next custodian of this unique piece of history and have in the region of £5000 at your disposal, then please email me and I will put you in touch with the owner.


ianstallard at hotmail dot com (do the usual to make a valid address)



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