Richard Steele


Since Richard worked for Weetabix, he & he alone has been allowed to submit his story in serial (cereal) form!

(Part One)

Richard was on holiday when the GCE results were published. The message came through from his sister that he had passed four and missed out on German, Chemistry and Engineering Workshop Theory and Practice. Of the four passes, Geography was the biggest surprise. Maths, Physics and English completed the pass list. He decided to stay in the sixth form studying Physics, Maths, Engineering Drawing and General Studies. He had a very enjoyable two years socially in the engineering form but not brilliant academically.

A rethink was called for and after a trip to the Tech College, Richard signed up for a one year A level course in Maths and Physics. A glutton for punishment. A pass in physics got him a place at Sheffield Polytechnic on an Applied Physics course. The course was very good but his maths was not up to it and following a poor set of year end results he returned to Hull very badly bruised academically but not yet defeated. The one good thing that had happened was That he had met his life partner, Saranne, also at the Poly. They married on 1 May 1971 at Hull Registry Office and held the wedding luncheon at the Willerby Manor.

Richard had joined Smith & Nephew in September 1969 as Technical Assistant to the Senior Chemical Engineer, Eric Blackwood. He was allowed to continue his studies at Hull Tech on day release studying- yes you've guessed it- Applied Physics!. One stipulation because it was HNC and not HND he had to pass a suitable maths exam to stay on the course. This was duly done but history repeated itself and helped with eleven weeks off ill, he said goodbye Applied Physics (failed again!).

Time to look for a new career and something else to keep the mind active. A data processing course was just the ticket and Richard was as happy as a pig in ****. He produced realms of output studying well ahead of the syllabus. He was able to assist the other students with their programs, which was much appreciated and satisfying. A change of career at S&N into Work Study and courses to follow brought an abrupt end to the data course, but a pass was awarded. Success at last!!!






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