Pearson, Geof

Although Geof felt like a round peg in a square hole at Riley because of his lack of ability in technical subjects (Woodwork, Metalwork, PPSG, Physics, Chemistry,etc) little did he know at that time that his days at Riley would prove so formative. Avoidance of 'technical jobs' led to becoming a Company Pensions Manager for a FTSE 100 Company. Attendance at Chalky White's 'Football Referee' course eventually led to ten years on the Premier League/ Football League (1984-94) and his love of football meant he donated 250,000 to Hull City in 2007, after winning the money on Sky TV. Being classified 'a grunter' by music teacher Bill Crickmore led to an inferiority complex and writing, recording and grunting on about 200 rock songs. Geof also has a life long love of railways having joined the School Railway Society in late 1960 and he can still be seen sometimes train spotting on Clapham Junction in a blue blazer & short trousers! Married Georgina Duncan in 1971 and they have three grown-up children but, alas, no grandchildren. Since 1975, Geof has lived in Kingston-upon-Thames.

geofpearson 'at' yahoo 'dot' co 'dot' uk


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