Englestown, Des



Des's final year at Riley had Jack 'Doc' Livingstone write in his school report "A wasted opportunity and he will never get anywhere in life". His dad was furious and spoke to Hamill about it. Des though agrees that he did waste his education and he was probably at the wrong school anyway! That said, as he went through life Des survived very well and, in fact, was only out of work for two weeks until he took early retirement at the age of 59. Des left Riley two weeks early as he got a job as a wireman with STC, building new telephone exchanges (do they have them anymore?). From there he went to Ross Group until he joined the police for his first claim to fame! Des had to guard the Queen's car when she visited the Guildhall. As the Queen came out she looked at Des and smiled sweetly as Des saluted! Des remembers that the Queen then invited him round for tea and a game of darts but he never went!!

    Leaving the police after two years (Des was never hard enough) he joined Ellerman Wilson in the stores office and stayed there until his retirement. There were several takeovers of parts of the Ellerman business and eventually Autobar bought the part Des worked in and he rose to the dizzy heights of Sales Office Manager!! Des also has a second claim to fame! When he was in Malta, Madonna was making a film there and as she drove past, Des waved and Madonna waved back at Des! There were about 300 people on the pavement but Des is sure she only had eyes for him! Des met his wife Kath in 1967 and they married in 1971 and they now enjoy life in retirement and having as many holidays abroad as they can. They have two daughters and sadly lost a third. They also have three lovely grandchildren. They have a car, their own own house and some money in the bank, so if you ever see Doc Livingstone tell him 'Des didn't waste his life' !!!!


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