Broom, Alan

At school, Alan was your original 'Rambling Boy'. His dad got Alan free train tickets as he worked for BTDB on King George Dock. Always one to get his 'money's worth' one day Alan took off to Plymouth staying overnight with relatives. Alan didn't tell his parents and they were worried sick. Luckily they contacted these relatives and Alan was 'held to account on his return'! Regarding academic progress, Alan was always in the A stream at Riley but as each year passed he felt that he was slipping inexorably towards the bottom of the class. Therefore, he left Riley just before the GCE's and literally ran away to sea. Alan went to the Merchant Navy Training School based on the old hulk, T.S.Vindicaterix at Sharpness and spent his seventeenth birthday in Canada!! Having seen a bit of the world he joined the Army to see some more and spent his 18th birthday in Germany where he found all those German lessons and homework finally meant something! His parents were not too pleased at all but -God bless them- they gave Alan his head and let him get on with it! He now lives in beautiful North Northumberland near the Scottish Border with his wife Fran, whom he married in 1974. They have two wonderful children who both settled in Preston after Uni, with their two grandsons. Alan is still coming to terms with the fact his grandsons are Lancastrians. If you get in touch with Alan, please don't mention football - he detests it! However, Alan is a long-suffering, absentee Hull Kingston Rovers supporter, last having seen them play live back in 1975.

alanbrumas 'at' btinternet 'dot' com

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