Parts for sale for Classic Mini


Genuine CV JOINTS four off,
Early drum braked (and small Cooper discs) joints. brand new Genuine BL items in original boxes. Part Number 17H 8600
Not to be confused with the hardened chocolate Chinese copies, these are the real thing. I have four (4) at 35 each plus post.

2 mini van rear 1/4 bumpers, original not copies, very sound, no dings or scratches but some pitting in the chrome, but will re chrome nicely. 15 each plus post.

Original points sets. 2 each plus post.

Alloy rear trumpets, excellent undamaged condition. 6 available 10 each plus post.

Alloy front trumpets, also excellent. 4 available 10 each plus post.

Genuine original Clubman front bumper, faded chrome, but straight and ready for rechroming. 40 plus post.


ianstallard 'at' hotmail 'dot' com (do the usual with this to make a valid address)


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