Clubman Estate Part 2

Update 1st August 2008


    Well its been a long time in the building, but I finally finished the Clubman Estate and towed it on the 'A' frame behind the Berlingo all the way from Tarleton in Lancashire to our new home in Orkney.  The reason for this latter state of affairs, is that I dismantled it to a bare shell, having completed all of the mods and then we got the call to move house! Typical!  I had intended to paint it myself, having done every other bit of work on it, but that now became impractical.  My good friend Frank Halsall offered to paint it in his body shop and then allow me to reassemble everything in his workshop, prior to taking it home.  As usual, he has made a fantastic job of the paintwork in Rover Nightfire and it has made it all worthwhile.

    There are still one or two jobs to finish, including trimming the load space in Alcantara (no rear seats will be fitted) and a good wax-oyling to try to keep the shell as it is - with original sills, wings, panels and floors.

    Chris and I hope to go to the 50th anniversary of the Mini (IMM) in Longbridge next year, as well as a few shows elsewhere in the mean time

Just starting the build-up process



I know the steering rack fits somewhere!!


On all 4 wheels again

It looks much better with the arches on


MOT'd and hooked onto the Berlingo before the 500 mile trip home!


In the ferry queue at Scrabster - no rear bumpers, and brackets holding the lighting board, although during the night I had the sidelights on the car as well








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