Jaguar V12 Sovereign


    I have now owned two of these fabulous cars, the first was bought as a write off, having suffered minor under - bonnet damage after an electrical fire.  I bought it from Willinghams in Hull with 58000 miles on the clock.  When I had completed the work, I then started to tidy it up a little, even though this was supposed to be an every day car, so that the Cabriolet could be spared the ravages of winter. 


    In May of 1996, I was honoured to be asked by my good friends Derek and Maureen Waller, to use it for the Wedding of their daughter Fiona, to Darran Humpherson.  I spent ages getting it ready for this very important day, and we were blessed with wonderful weather for this magical event.  Needless to say the car behaved impeccably, each of the 12 cylinders being barely strained in its duty.

The Wedding of Fiona and Darran on 18th May 1996




    It was used as daily transport for some time, until it was unfortunately written off again after suffering a heavy rear end shunt.  I bought it back from the insurance company, put the registration number on retention and sold the car to a friend, who has since returned it to its pre-accident condition. It would appear that this Cat has quite a few lives left!

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