The Garden Ornament


    Christine was talking to me a while ago, about making some sort of feature for the garden - for holding flowers and such.  At that time I was running a Jag V12 Sovereign, and thought that the all alloy cylinder block of that type of engine might come in for holding plant pots.  I contacted Classic Components in Darlington (now Eurojag), to see if they had a suitable scrap block.  They had a choice of a few and for 25 one could be mine!  A week or so later, a friend of mine, Norman, was going up in that general direction, with his trailer, to collect some parts, so I tagged along with him for a Boys day out and collected the scrap block.  They had no problem selling this to me, as they knew that I wouldn't give them the normal ear ache, in view of the use I had in mind for it.
    After a good clean and the removal of the huge number of studs (which are of course, high tensile and can be made into all manner of things on the lathe) I sat it on some concrete blocks in the garden, for Chris to fill with plants.  4" pots are a perfect fit, but plants liking dry conditions are needed. There are also places in the concrete blocks for strawberries, which the birds love to have a taste of before we get the chance!

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