Following on from recent inclusions in the magazine from other autonumerologists, I would like to include a recent shot of our 1986 3.6 XJS Cabriolet.  I built this car from a damaged coupe and a new cabriolet bodyshell back in 1991 and we have had many memorable trips with it since, both in this country and on the Continent.  We have also met a great number of wonderful people at the excellent meetings of Area 18 of the Jaguar Drivers Club


          After building the car, I wanted to find a suitable number related to it, for having the initials I.S., makes it difficult to find a personal plate, as this combination was never issued.   Fate took a hand during a holiday in Scotland when we spotted an old Escort van bearing this number, in the driveway of a house where we were staying B&B.  Closer inspection revealed cobwebs around the door mirrors and a long out of date tax disc.  A deal was struck and we returned a few weeks later to bring it home.  It was then a fairly simple matter to transfer the number to the XJS.  Incidentally I have also got A18 SOV and N200 XJR on retention if anyone is interested.


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