1986 XJ-SC 3.6 Cabriolet now sold


    Well, I have had my Cabriolet for 23 years now and have decided that it's time for someone else to look after and pamper it the way I have.   It has just turned over 70,000 miles and has never wanted for anything.  I built it in 1990 from a brand new body-shell and a damaged Coupe which had 25,000 miles on.  The shell was fully rust treated before any components were fitted (if only Jaguar had done that to all cars!) We have used it for many memorable trips including some to Scotland, Holland, Germany and more recently to Shetland to visit their excellent bi-annual Classic Vehicle Show.  It has won quite a few prizes at respected shows like Tatton Park and more recently it was awarded 'Best 1980's' Jaguar at the Drum Castle Jaguar Show in Aberdeenshire in July 2012.  I have recently replaced the clutch (genuine Borg and Beck) and rebuilt the alternator (bearings, regulator and brushes).  The air conditioning requires re-gassing with the changeover gas and I have a brand new receiver/drier in readiness.  It has never been welded and does not require it.  The wheels are all original Starfish and have never been refurbished.  It has the Jaguar optional rear hard top with glass screen and a full rear seat.


Here are some very up to date shots of this cherished car taken in late March 2014:


.....and a few interior shots:






    Good examples like this one are becoming quite rare and only about 1100 3.6 manual Cabriolets were built - many have since been written off or eaten by the tin-worm.   (Gov stats: 151 taxed, 108 on Sorn as at 3rd quarter of 2012)


I have many brand new spares including genuine front and rear screens, 1 Starfish road wheel and also some second-hand pieces including a complete cylinder head and two rear folding soft tops (both requiring repair)

There is a complete Jaguar toolkit and all original handbooks with the car plus the targa panel stowage bag.

I have all of the MOT's since 1991 (except an odd year when it remained covered in the garage) and it comes with the registration mark XJS 436X

I also have the four genuine Jaguar metal bound workshop manuals

The car is on an agreed value insurance policy at 12000 (many years certificates to prove)

Some more of the story can be found here


Well, the car is now in Southern Ireland with it's new owner - I hope they have as much pleasure with it as we have over the years.

Brian might report on the progress of his ownership - I hope so.





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