Honda 400 Four

Part 2


    Prior to our retirement to Orkney, I decided to sell a few bikes, including the 3 earlier 400 Fours, which went to John Kenworthy, for him to make 2 good ones out of, and the very tidy American import, which went to my Cousin Neil.  He wanted the spare body kit fitting, which I had done in metallic black with gold lines and those lovely Honda Wings from the GB500.  It was already registered and so I got it ready for him to tinker with prior to another MOT, and then delivered it to him in Hull in the back of the Kangoo van.






    It went into the Kangoo very easily, resting on it's side stand and I anchored it down from all four floor hooks with ratchet straps.  The two foam cushions next to the handlebar were just a precaution, but it never moved at all throughout the whole trip.  I was a little sad to see it go, but at least I still have the red one from Dick's relatives, which I have recently done some more work on now that the 'new' workshop is up and running.

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