1994 Honda C90P


    This bike was bought recently from a friend of my Cousin Neil along with another slightly earlier 1988 C90G.  Both bikes had been restored by a motor engineer and bike enthusiast about 4 years ago and stored unused in his conservatory ever since.  My friend Doug Houghton and I had talked about an 'Old Codgers' trip by bike from Orkney to Germany sometime.  I had planned something similar with another mate back in the late 90's but for various reasons things didn't work out that time.  That plan had involved me using my recently restored C50 LAC and he had just restored a 6volt C90 but I now think C90's for both of us would be more suitable; Doug and I started scouring adverts and then not one but these two restored bikes turned up!  In the past I have always bought rough cheap stuff and restored it, so buying something already done was new to me and so far I'm not disappointed.  Tony, the man who restored them did explain that he had not touched either of the engines as they ran well but at the price we paid, having to pull them apart would not be an issue.

    We've both separately had a few 'shakedown' runs on the bikes and mine appears to be pretty good in most respects but Doug seems to be having gear changing issues - we need to swap over sometime to see if there is something that needs adjusting or replacing.  These engines are so simple it will not be too difficult to get it sorted.

    We've joined the C90 club forum and will share our experiences with the other enthusiasts and might get some useful hints and tips along the way.  Doug has had a C90 before and done a few lengthy trips so we see no real problem,  I have quite a few bikes, including a GL1500SE GoldWing and am very used to Continental Touring but my minimalist streak often rears its head!  Perceived wisdom from forum members well versed in everything C90, seems to indicate that 150 miles can be fitted into a fairly relaxed day.  This means we are only looking at about 5 days from Orkney to the Mosel in Germany using the Kirkwall to Aberdeen and Hull to Rotterdam sailings - there's no rush though - we want more smiles per gallon!





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