A GB from Western Canada




    I think I've probably had the largest amount of feedback on the whole of my site from the features on the GB400 and 500, not only from owners and prospective owners from Britain, but also from as far afield as China and New Zealand.  I would be happy to hear from any other GB owners, perhaps we could build a useful resource for these wonderful bikes?  This particular one comes from Western Canada, and started some months back with a request from Kevin for details of the rear grab rail, as his was missing on his bike.  I sent him some photos and details of mine and he has kept me informed with the progress on his bike, which is an American spec GB500 Clubman.  The standard of his work, which he calls his 'Restification' is unbelievable and he should be justly proud of how it has turned out.

Here are a few shots of the build up:

The frame and ancillaries have been powder coated

As usual, the tank needed a few dings attending to, looks like the usual low speed drop, allowing the clip-on to thump the tank

What a wonderful pair of legs!

Wheels rebuilt, and the motor re-installed

And now for the completed bike - great isn't it?

From any angle this really is a lovely machine

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