350/4 restoration compleTED


2nd March 2007 


I have had a bit of time recently to carry on with the final touches to the 350 four and have just returned from a delightful little ride to the MOT station for its first test (in this country).  It has been a very pleasant day today and although there are still one or two tiny bits on the bike which still need addressing (only cosmetic stuff) I decided to give the Garage a ring to see if they had any MOT slots available.  It is imperative that you book in, furnishing the make, model and frame number, as you have to ride with no number plate to and from the test.  I could have stuck it in the back of the Kangoo, but I wanted to see how it went on the shakedown run.  I am really impressed with the little bike and it feels like a much bigger thing altogether.  In comparison with its slightly bigger brother, the 400/4, it is undoubtedly smoother and does not suffer from the blurred mirror syndrome when the tacho is approaching the red-line.  The handling is obviously very similar, but I do prefer the 5 speed box to the six speeder of the 400.  I am also in favour of the more upright riding position with the American spec bars. 



Straight from the MOT station, exhaust still ticking as it cools down.


As mentioned previously, the number 2 exhaust pipe was sorted by cutting and shutting another number 3, which at the time were still available from David Silver.  I made up a couple of stainless bungs for the balance pipe stubs on the original number 1 pipe and the 'new' number 2. 



The two welds are clearly visible on the 'new' number 2 pipe.  These have now been sprayed with a band of silver smoothrite and are barely noticeable, other than by the guy you just ran over!  Another little mod to this new pipe was to press a small indentation into the side, just where the bolt for the side stand is.












A few more shots of the finished bike - hopefully now the DVLA will issue it with an age related 'Historic Vehicle' mark on a 'K' registration and I think I will have a nice pressed alloy plate made for it.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 4



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