Ducati Elite 204cc

Reassembly 2020

 Just to remind me how bad it was at the beginning!



The bike came up to Orkney in the same state in 2005 and I stripped it to a bare frame and set about restoring individual parts - the frame was stripped and primed with Bondaprimer and put to one side.  After restoring and re-commissioning many other bikes and cars in the intervening years, I decided it was now time to get on with this little Ducati.

I flatted the Bondaprimer and then re-primed it with etch and high-build primers before handing it over to Graham Firth at Hatston Motors for him to work his magic with the top coats and lacquer - he's made a fantastic job too!









This is the dummy battery box I made years ago - just needs painting.


I've polished both hubs and the original wheel rims are away being chrome plated so it will be on its wheels soon - hopefully!

As Found

Making a few unobtainable parts  - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rebuilding the wheels

Rear Spring/Damper units

Battery Box


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